I saw it coming

A few weeks ago...
Me to key stakeholders: Can you read these rules and agree that all the logic is correct?
Key stakeholder to me: Yup! All good!

10 days ago...
Me to key Stakeholders: Implemented all the logic. You guys 100% this is how it should work?
Key stakeholders to me: Yup! Definitely!

Today (launch day)...
Key stakeholders to me: This is all wrong.

The product is a song
4 months ago


Now how did that conversation go?

PM100 - 4 months ago - Reply

The product is a song replied 4 months ago

As you might expect. Me explaining that he read the rules and agreed, twice. Then him being completely dismissive of that fact and us having a long (painful) whiteboard session where it became apparent that he actually has no idea what he wants.

So, pretty standard.



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