That one developer

Just found this on Product Hunt. Awesome!

Help me out here... is this just me? Does anyone else have that one developer who is JUST. SO. ANNOYING?

Unprecedented levels of pedantry and contrarianism. Is it me? Am I the asshole?

The Happy PO
5 months ago


Haha like @iamnoone says. One hundred percent not just you.

They were sent to try us!

StoryPoints - 5 months ago - Reply


Yeah.... not just you. Definitely not just you.

IamNoOne - 5 months ago - Reply


Liking it?

Yes, we added comments - Now tell us what features we should build next.

  • Tags?
  • Notifications?
  • Something else??

You work in product... do we really need to beg you for feedback? Because we will!

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