The outcast

Do you ever feel like as the product person everyone is against you? I walk around the office feeling like a pariah.

Devs want you to butt out. Stakeholders want you to push for faster and more.

We’re like the meat in the world’s most stressful sandwich.

The Lepper
5 months ago


I empathize with you.
Once I had a terrible product feature launch. I walked down the office with dagger eyes staring at me because our phones did not stop ringing (in a bad way). One particular stressful person said to me: "You cart people", with the most scornful look. But on the bright side, I learnt what not to do in a major feature launch.

aki - 5 months ago - Reply

Bad User Story replied 5 months ago

Always look on the bright side!! Totally know the feeling of all the phones ringing. Want to say “WE KNOW!!”



Could this be because your mates and stakeholders might be driven from uncertain and insecure circumstances? Try to find out why they are like this. I say, our PMs job is to be the light in their dark and help them find out what they need. Make sure you're not getting pushed around or controlled.

Daniel - 5 months ago - Reply

Bad User Story replied 5 months ago

Sounds pretty idyllic. I guess you’re right in that this is a company culture issue.



Thankfully not like that where I am but I still totally feel your pain. I could easily see it being like that at many places.

BetaGirl - 5 months ago - Reply


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